Best Types of Carpets to Buy When Keeping Pets

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The type of carpet you have in your home might depend mainly on your pets if you care about their well-being. However, this does not necessarily mean that you have to forego your happiness for your lovely pets’ sake. It is entirely a matter of coming into a consensus of what works best for you and your pets when it comes to carpet matters. That’s why we compiled some of the best carpets that will work significantly for you and your fluffy buddies.

Nylon Carpets

This is the most common type of carpet material you will find in the market today. A nylon carpet is not common for nothing as it works best to restrain dangerous forces that threaten to tear off its fibers and is also a good absorber of moisture. Nylon carpets offer an excellent middle ground between wool carpets and polyester carpets, as explained at

Cut Pile Carpets

While loop pile carpets may be attractively durable, your pets’ claws may get trapped in the loops and either harm your pets or tear your carpet. This makes cut pile carpets a better option over loop pile carpets as they cut the yarn making the piles stand upright. This upright posture not only looks attractive but also assures safety to your cat’s or dog’s paws.

Cut Pile carpets come in different forms. But there are some two specific forms which you may consider when buying this type of carpet as they are proven to be of top-notch quality for pet keepers. They are:

  • Saxony Carpets-They have smooth and comfortable surfaces thanks to their relatively high pile with a slight flair at the end of each tuft. These qualities make the carpet very comfortable for both you and your pets.
  • Twist Pile Carpets- These are versatile enough to fit almost every room and home. They got their names from the fact that they are made from twisted yarn. These twists make you feel coarse but comfortable for your pets and yourself.

Polypropylene Carpets

Polypropylene is a natural stain-resistant, which makes it ideal for pet owners. You can never control what your pet animal decides to do with its free time. This freedom may see them returning home from ‘hunting’ in the backyard with unpleasant objects or animals that will not only have a terrible odor but also threaten to stain your carpet permanently. Polypropylene material helps in preventing this and so you won’t limit your pets from being adventurous.

Patterned or Dark Carpets

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Patterned or dark carpets help in concealing any tiny stains that might be caused by your pets when doing their rounds around the house. Plain and lightly colored carpets might not be an excellent option for pets even though they create a light environment within the home and gives you an attractive ambiance within your room.

It is prudent to ask for professional help when picking patterned or dark carpets to help you get carpets that resonate with your room’s theme. You can get such services from sites like carpettransformers and others that offer exquisite carpet installation services.

Your pets are not an excuse for getting uncomfortable and unattractive carpets; there are numerous attractive and comfortable carpets that still protect you and your pets that you can pick. We hope the compilation in this article helps you in choosing your best choice of carpet.

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