Beautify Your Space

Your home and garden is your personal space. It is the place where you spend a lot of time. Hence you want it to be attractive and comfortable.

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How to Make your Home Attractive

There are several ways in which you can make your home more attractive.

  • Keep the place clean and clutter-free.
  • Get proper lighting and fixtures.
  • Hide ugly wires that may be sticking out from unwanted areas.
  • All switches should be covered with decorative cases to look better.
  • Use some gold or silver accents here and there. You can use them in the corners of a coffee table or the frame of a picture. This makes the item look luxurious.
  • Make one wall different from the rest. An accent wall can change the way you perceive a room.
  • Play with colors to mix and match and make the room look beautiful. You can make the walls seem higher, and the ceiling looks more significant with the right shades.

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Tips to Make Your Home Look Captivating

  • Put some greenery around the house. Indoor ferns will turn your home into a kind of tropical paradise. Some of the most natural plants you can grow around the house are peperomia, Chinese evergreen, Grape ivy, Hoya, ponytail palm, ZZ plant, and Snake plant.
  • Add a carpet. A carpet adds warmth. You can choose one to bring out your personality and match the colors of the room. The right rug can add style and make the room more attractive. If not a large carpet, even a small one has enormous benefits.
  • Place mirrors in the right places. It can capture and accentuate natural light. Mirrors can make a room look bigger and broader. If you choose a mirror with the right shape and border, it can add to the creative look of the room.
  • Place an attractive lampshade in a dull corner of the room to brighten it up instantly. The light from the lampshade can illuminate a particular area of the room where you would want visitors’ glances to go.
  • Choose your curtains wisely. A colorful print on the curtains can refresh a dull wall and bring color to the eyes.
  • Use creative ties in your curtains. An original link will make your curtains more attractive.
  • Create a different kind of curtain rod. Use a twig or a uniquely shaped rod. You could twine some rope around the rod.

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Tips to Make Your Garden Enchanting

  • Add lots of greenery and lots of flowering plants. Greenery gives a peaceful and calming effect while the flowering plants add vibrancy.
  • Have a theme. For example, you could have a rock garden with various cacti in one corner or a tub with small flowering plants along with a window. Several pots with flowering plants going up the sides of the stairs are a good idea too.
  • Add some hanging pots and décor to make the garden look better.
  • Use planters and containers that are unique.
  • Have a small fountain with a tiled walkway leading to it. Cover the fountain area with a shed of hay for a rustic look.
  • Choose a seating area like a unique bench in an area that is surrounded by flowering plants.

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